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maidul islam

any good website to get cheaper flight ticket???
I know one " www.onlinetour.co.kr " though the page is in korea but its not that difficult to handle....any other site can help me to compare....waiting for your reply....:)


Congrats IIK to become Global with this website


KOTRA KLS provides free Korean class to all foreign professionals,
they also offer free class materials and books
they have following levels, next session from 3rd Sept.
Beginners 1 Mon & Wed 7:00pm~8:30pm
Beginners 2 Tue & Thu 7:00pm~8:30pm
Daily Korean 1 Mon & Wed 7:00pm~8:30pm
Daily Korean 2 Tue & Thu 7:00pm~8:30pm
Business Korean Mon & Wed 7:00pm~8:30pm


Hello Friends ,
In the performance form , pl add one more clause . If some one wants to give more than one performance then it will be selected based on certain benchmarks -- 1. we should have time slot , 2. prize will be given only for one performance. 3. number of performars will affect the selection . A performance having more people will always be given more weightage then less people unless it is outstanding .new performars will be given more weightage over old performars .

4. if a dance song is shared by more than 2 groups , then I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH the situation . help needed on that issue . I hope it is ok with everyone .feel free to suggest ,-add or delete -- any of the above . thanks

S. Imtiaz Ali

busy life mein, let me know what is easy??

Akshat Sinha

Hi any one living near Yeouido? i just moved in ! will be good to know some one close by!


Thanks for the website ..its really good ...Best Wishes to IIK team....IIK Jindabad...


Happy B'day Nilanjan da :)