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  • Dear IIK Members,

    Checkout new category "TAXATION IN KOREA" under FAQ page.


    system 1959 days ago
  • Dear IIK Members,
    Thank you over whelming response to the new site. In short span of less than a month www.indiansinkorea.com portal has completed 100 registrations today.


    For those who did not register yet, register now to Mingle with IIK members, ask questions under Discussion Forum, get regular updates on events and participate in it and many more useful features.

    system 1961 days ago
  • Dear IIK Members,
    Today is the last day for IIK Summer 2012 Photography Contest !!!

    Upload your pictures at (http://www.indiansinkorea.com/inspire/index.php/life-in-korea/summer-2012-photo-event) and win prizes at IIK Diwali 2012.
    Voting would start from Sept 12.
    Result declaration will be on Sept 24.
    Prize distribution will be on IIk Diwali 2012 event day.

    PS : Please upload photos taken only by you and in 2012.

    system 1961 days ago
  • Dear IIK Members,
    I hope all of you are doing good and enjoying the summer. Those who have visited some places during summer, within or outside Korea, we can replay pleasure by sharing the beautiful places and memories. So share the best picture which you would like to share with our IIK members.

    To upload the picture,
    1. You should login www.indiansinkorea.com
    2. You can click on event image displayed on homepage or visit following URL
    2. Fill the given form and add following things to About Photo field.
    a. Place, where photo was taken.
    b. Date, when photo was taken.
    c 1 line description or caption.

    Date of submitting the photos: 2012.08.23 to 2012.08.31

    Photo Display date: 2012.09.01

    Make your memories memorable with the friends
    Have a Wonderful Day

    system 1976 days ago
  • Dear Members,
    Today's topic is difference between Mingle and Discussion Forum pages.

    Mingle : This page as name defines is to Mingle or Chit-chat with your friends hence asking some important question in this page may or may not get appropriate reply.

    Discussion Forum : This page is specifically to get public view or answers on specific question. This page has facility to rate the answers and hence you can get the best answer for your question.

    system 1981 days ago
  • Dear Members,
    Thank you for registering with the new site. To make the site user friendly we will keep posting useful information regarding how you can use this site effectively on regular basis.

    Today's topic is how you can protect your profile information.

    There is a icon of "Lock" placed near each item provided on your profile. On clicking the Lock you can have following settings :
    1. Public
    2. Site Members
    3. Friends
    4. Only Me

    Select the settings which you would like to set for that information.

    system 1986 days ago