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want to move to korea..Need sugesstion

suresh on Friday, September 07 2012, 03:03 AM

hello i am suresh. I live in america. I work as a Business Intelligence Developer in Chicago, IL. I recently finished my masters. My question is I wanted to move to korea. Do you guys think its really a good idea leaving america for getting a job in korea. The reason for moving is my girl friend (she is a korean, I met her in college). Please answer my following questions. 1. I dont really care about salary. Because I have done some basic research, korean salary is little lesser than america which is okay for me. 2. my biggest fear is, will i regret in future why i left america and my job and moved to korea?    please, Iam so  confused. you people live there and know about circumstances and everything. Please help me out.   PS: why cant indian people outside the korea cant be members in this community. I have got a problem, so I gave my girl friend's phone number. Please make it open for all indians across the world. There might be lot of people who wants to come to korea and they need sugesstions from you guys.    Thank you.

  • Replied by Akshat Sinha on Friday, September 07 2012, 07:48 AM · Hide · #1
    If you are planning to come to Seoul, I can recommend you in terms of life style it's good place to live, it's a very convinent city.
    Living cost is not so high compared to US or Japan.
    There are a lot of Americans living here and an American military base is in Seoul.
    I recommend you to look for a job first, as if u don't have one, it might be a problem. If ur a US citizen, could be a little bit helpful as you can at least try teaching English.
    Language is a challenge here, but I am sure your girl friend will be able to assist you with that.

  • Replied by suresh on Friday, September 07 2012, 08:02 AM · Hide · #2
    Thanks alot akshat for your quick response. I m not a citizen, I came here for my masters and working now. I am just a F1 student. do you think it is a good idea for me to move to korea for a job. I am gonna ask you straight. Moving to korea from america for a job is a good idea? Thanks a lot akshat.
  • Replied by Bhavesh Sinha on Friday, September 07 2012, 10:21 AM · Hide · #3
    I feel in some point of time you will feel that US was the best choice. It depends on your job as well.
    You can make alternate arrangements to meet your girlfriend.
    What ever the reasons may be. If you have job at hand in US why to leave that if you can search for alternate options. US may provide many more opportunities. Even though, Seoul is a very convenient city, the main problem is communication. Living cost, Single room rent could be any thing around 350 to 500 USD. and deposit (not in every case) may be extra above 2000 USD.
    Rest, you have your girlfriend, she can explain more about Seoul than any body else.
    It would have been better if you would have posted your email so that many would have personally contacted and let you know their email id's so that you can contact them specifically. Any way mine is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If you feel you can contact me directly any time.

    Take a correct decision, and then never regret it.
    Have a nice time.
  • Replied by suresh on Friday, September 07 2012, 11:45 AM · Hide · #4
    Thanks alot bhavesh... my email id iis This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I dont have a problem with communciation. I have been hanging out with koreans in my university over 3 years and i know some korean (basic phrases). so,

    1. What's the better way to find a job in korea from the US or India. Is there any consultancies for getting us a job or can i apply directly to korean companies?
    2. Do they have h1 regullations samme like here in the US ( its really hard these days for h1 employees getting stamped

    Please answer my questions. I really appreciate all your tiime n effort.

  • Replied by suresh on Friday, September 07 2012, 12:32 PM · Hide · #5
    Please help me out with your suggestions. My email ID is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If anyone can email me thier phone number, I can get more information by phone.

    I dont really have a big issue with salaries over there.

    1. What about the visa regulations over there. In the US, you dont believe its so hard these days getting your H1 get stamped.

    2. What is the process for getting a job in Korea. Any consultancies would help me out with getting a job or directly apply for jobs in korean companies. Do they hire telephonic/skype?

    3. You said its good to stay to in the US only. Does it mean it is totally no worth to come to Korea.

    Thanks in advance, you have a good day..
  • Replied by suresh on Friday, September 07 2012, 12:41 PM · Hide · #6
    oops.. i have posted it twice.. sorry..
    Replied by Helena on Tuesday, September 25 2012, 09:32 PM · Hide · #7
    hi suresh,

    what about looking for a job in both places and take any better one? Korea is nice place to work. But US might be better place. and if you have experience in the states, u can get a lot better job when u come to Korea. Even tough u can come to Korea at some point, a few years experience in the states can be a lot helpful. Unless your GF have to be in Korea immediately...,
    • suresh - more than a month ago
      Thanks a lot Helena, I really appreciate your time and advice. But things have changed and they are out of my control. So, I dropped all my plans moving to Korea. But everyone here in this community are so friendly and helpful. I m really glad I met some great people here. I wish you everyone a great time ahead. Thanks.
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