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Traveling to Seoul

Venkatesha TR on Tuesday, June 10 2014, 02:09 AM

Hello friends,

I am relocating to Seoul sometime in July mid week. Lived in US before but never visited Soth korea. My office is in Gangnam building and i need some information. 

1. What is the nearest area where I can get house for rent? I am looking for apartments where we have good indian community.

2. I am travelling alone in July and family will join in January. Until then, is it easy to get some shared accommodation with some Indian folks?




  • Replied by Manjunath Prabhu on Tuesday, June 10 2014, 09:05 AM · Hide · #1
    Dear Venki,
    welcome to Seoul. its a great place and i am sure you and your family will enjoy immensely.
    i have equally moved to seoul around 4 months ago alongwith my family and they have all settled in well.
    to yr specific question, i can only say that Gangnam itself is a great place to live in however understand also the most expensive.
    I stay in Ichon ( also called as Incon-Dong) close to Hangang Park (parallel to the Hana river). their is a sizeable (10-15 families probably) indian communicty and as we speak there is an Indian Couple from detriot who just moved to seoul last week. there is a gentleman Mr Yogesh Kedia who has been in Korea for around 25 yrs or so and is well versed with seoul. he is also active on IIK.
    practically difficult to write everything on mail however feel to connect me on my mobile (+82-010-4100-3397) and more than happy to assist further.

    Take care. Look forward to ciao.
    Rgds/Manjunath Prabhu
    Replied by Venkatesha TR on Wednesday, June 11 2014, 02:43 AM · Hide · #2

    Thanks for your honest response. What would be the rent in the areas you have mentioned? Also, is there a site where I can look for roomamates for initial days ?

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