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Need guidance about settlement in Korea?

shikha on Sunday, February 09 2014, 11:12 PM

Hello I am Shikha...
I am from India..my husband is a software engineer..we wanna to settle in Korea..we love the lifestyle there n also the scenarios..but i wanna to know about the difficulties which we might have face after..so plz tell me how to survive there..coz of the language problems m li'l afraid..n also plz give me the some guidance about the money matters..is Korea better than USA??

    Replied by Naveen Chauhan on Monday, February 10 2014, 05:30 PM · Hide · #1
    Language definitely a problem, people are helpful, and friendly. Learning korean, atleast reading is very easy and can be very helpful. Initially there can be slight problems but later on you will get accustomed.
    All the Indian accessories are available at Indian stores and can be ordered online. One good website is expatmart.com. If you have children the education can be a problem sometimes, as there are very few English schools that too in big cities like Seoul and Busan. Safety not an issue..One problems which I face even now is the documentation works as everything is in korean so I have to take help of my colleagues. rest is very good, people live cool and luxurious life...easy going with other person and life speed is also moderate not fast not slow....
    • shikha - more than a month ago
      thank you so much....
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