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Job offer in Seoul

alok on Tuesday, June 11 2013, 07:38 PM

Hello Guys,

I have received an offer to work in Seoul, Korea. Currently, I’m based in UK. I have few questions and hopefully ever helpful Indian expat community will be able to provide quick answer as I have to decide this fairly quickly.


(1) Kid’s Education- My kids (aged 10 and 5) go to British school over here in UK and this is the way I would like to keep in Seoul. I did basic search on fees on international schools (Seoul British foreign school, Dulwich, etc). The fees are in the range of $25-30 K per annum per child.


The questions are :

(A) Whether we will be able to get admission i.e. is there normally space available in these schools?

(B) Is subway is safe and reliable way of commuting to school and vice versa, I’m expecting that my wife will accompany them on both legs? I’m planning to take accommodation close to schools



(2) Medical Insurance and Service- Since my company is not sponsoring the family, I will have to do so on the dependant visa. I would like to know the cost of good medical insurance cover and the quality of health service in Seoul?


(3) Accommodation- I did basic internet search and came up with varying figure between $2,500 to 4,000 per month for 2b/r to 3 b/r accommodation. My office would be in the city centre and accommodation needs to close to foreign schools as mentioned in point (1) (A). What would be realistic cost for nice apartment in good family localities?


(4) Indian groceries and food - What is the availability of Indian groceries (read spices, vegs, etc). We are vegetarian except me, I do not mind fish.


(5) Safety and Language Barrier- How safe is Seoul for kids and women’s? How easy is to communicate over there in shops, taxi, cinema, malls?


(6) Office Environment - How is the office atmosphere in general in big south Koran companies? Are there any attitude issues towards certain races?


(7) Any website which could help in estimating the monthly cost for family living down there?


(8) Any other points which you would like to suggest at this juncture?

  • Replied by Manoj on Tuesday, June 11 2013, 10:59 PM · Hide · #1
    Are you a hse engineer ??? Is the name of the company u r joining starts with J??
  • Replied by maidul islam on Wednesday, June 12 2013, 03:32 AM · Hide · #2
    Please go through this website( http://global.seoul.go.kr/ ). I have you will get most of your questions solved from this site. You can directly call them for assistance. I was closely associated with seoul global center and they are quite helpful.
    Replied by Manoj Behera on Wednesday, June 12 2013, 07:47 PM · Hide · #3
    1) Regarding school, you are right. SFS has british school till grade 5, then for higher grades its all American, Dulwich is full british and has mostly british teachers (my son studies at Dulwich). Nowble it is peak time for admission , better you try now. Dulwich is more flexible I admission. It is very safe to travel by subway. But I suggest you stay near to school so that you can drop your kids by walk and save atleast USD 5,000 per annum for both. I stay very close to Dulwich and drop my son by walk. Also Dulwich is very close to the subway station on line#9.

    3) Accommodation : If you choose Dulwich, then you can find accommodation in Banpo easily, though this is little high end locality, you can get within your mentioned budget. This place is almost center of city geographically, close to old city center and new commercial center. You can contact me at 010-3095-3539 for any help in Dulwich/Banpo area.

    Seoul is a very very safe place for everybody even at very late night, yes language is a problem, there are Indian grocery shops.
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