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India's Yoga Education is launching in Seoul S.Korea.

yujin gupta on Tuesday, April 28 2015, 11:22 PM


Dear all members.

I'm Yujin Gupta. I'm Korean but married to Indian and mother of two kids.

Basically I'm staying in Mumbai but came to korea for delivering Yoga education that is ancient science in India.

Last year, "Personality Development Education Improvement Act" has been passed Parliament on Dec.29. 2014.

And this act will take into effect on coming July.21.2015.

That means, our children can get any kind of personality development education at any school in Korea.



We all know well that Yoga assist children being calm, more concentrated, balanced, physically strong etc.

But here I would like to share that Yoga is the personality complex development education that works on more sub-conscious level and who practice yoga will get all around - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health as its effect and benefit.

Hence, children can be more focused on their goal, physically but also mentally & emotionally flexible, reduced anxiety, be in healthy relationship with oneself & others, improve willpower / self-confidence / self-efficacy as its result.

Further on this, there had been introduced many type of yoga education in the world.

Here my point is, we introduced yoga education that is not just Asana(Yoga Posture) oriented but is 'Personality Complex Development' education.

To implement this education program at schools, we train Yoga teachers in Korea so that they go to school and teach.

This particular training program is now launching in Seoul, S. Korea.

And will keep holding on in Korea for more teachers get more opportunity for training.


This will subtly support our children to live in this society being healthy mind, relationship, body and grow as good citizen & human.


Maybe, many parents who came or are planning to come in Korea will have similar issues about their own children's education.

Environment, food, people etc… all are new even for grownups too.

Where to send our kids for education, by considering economical fact and language etc..

This 'personality complex development education' may sound so far for immediate moment but will not be so far.

There are many good teachers who teach english but also teach Yoga and those teacher are coming for our training program.


More details about our education program is here : 



I'm glad that can introduce indian ancient science that Yoga education in Korea.

And Very much wish that all our children will get this benefit of education.


Thank for sharing your time on this.

Have a great time in Korea and lets share more about life together.


Be a great day for everybody.


More details, you can visit our website or blog




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